Shirak vs Pyunik  0-2. An important win in Gyumri (video)

On the 22nd match day of the Armenian Premier League Pyunik was received by Shirak in Gyumri.

The first dangerous moment of the match was made by our footballers. Shirak’s goalkeeper saved his team after Mohamed Konate’s header. In the first half both teams threatened each other’s goal from time to time but failed to create real goal moments. The home team made a relatively tough moment on the 44th minute of the first half but David Ghandilyan’s shoot didn’t achieve its goal.

At the beginning of the second half  again Ghandilyan’s dangerous kick passed by the goal. In the front line Erik Vardanyan, who had appeared as a substitute, made a bit sharper our team’s attacks and tried to keep in tension Shirak’s defenders. On the 73rd minute of the game after the dangerous attack of the home team first Andria Dragoevich and then Rumyan Hovsepyan eliminated the ball from the penalty area. Only 4 minutes later after Maksym Trusevich's magnificent pass Erik Vardanyan made Pyunik advance in the score with his accurate goal. Shortly after the scored goal our footballers could quickly strike the second one but after Usman’s pass Miranyan lacked a little to reach the ball.  On the 87th minute Pyunik managed to double the score. Erik Vardanyan clearing the ball in our part of the pitch moved ahead passing the ball to Usman who in his turn  skillfully passed it to Sergey Shevchuk who put a full stop in the performance joining the attack from the left wing.

Pyunik earned three very important points in Gyumri and keeps on staying at the top of the standings.

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