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Sochi tournament: Pyunik teams coming back to Yerevan with silver and bronze medals

Today the youth tournament ended in the city of Sochi, Russia, where Pyunik 2007 and Pyunik 2008 became silver and bronze medal winners, respectively.

Davit Grigoryan's team lost 0:3 to the first team of Krasnodar Academy in the decisive match. After the end of the match, our three footballers received individual awards. Zaven Khudaverdyan was named the best player of the tournament, Tigran Gevorgyan - the best forward and Sergey Harutyunyan - the best defender.

Sevak Aramyan's team was stronger than their peers from Sochi Academy in the match for the 3rd place. The main time of the match ended 1:1 and our team won the penalty shootout (5:3) thanks to the brilliant play of our goalkeeper.

The players of Pyunik 2008 were not deprived of individual awards, either. Alen Sahakyan was named the best player of the tournament, Gevorg Vardanyan - the best defender and Artur Petrosyan - the best goalkeeper.

Let us remind, Pyunik 2007 and Pyunik 2008 started the competition from the group stage. Davit Grigoryan's team defeated 3:0 Sochi before reaching the next round, then won Krasnodar and Vladivastok with the same score, 2:1. Our team made it to the semi-finals with a big win over Vityaz, 9:0, then qualified for the final, beating Novotitorovskaya, 3:1.

Sevak Aramyan's team had started the tournament with a draw, 1:1, with Krasnodar 2008-2, then had lost 1:2 to the peers from Sochi. Our team had overcome the group stage after beating Vladivostok 5:0 and had qualified for the semi-finals, playing against Krim, where a penalty shootout had determined the outcome of the match. Krasnodar players became an obstacle for our team on the way to the final.
We congratulate our teams on registered results.

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