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On September 8 of this year, the Football Federation of Armenia informed Pyunik FC about the unilateral termination of the lease contract of the Abovyan City Stadium used for home matches of the Armenian Championship, as well as the rejection to provide Armavir City Stadium, which is considered a reserve one. In that way, they deprived the leader of the current season of the opportunity and right to participate in the championship under equal conditions, for the organization of which the FFA bears responsibility.

As an official justification, the problems in the form of evaluative judgments raised in the interviews by the club's president Artur Soghomonyan were presented. As a result of changing the home match venue of the Conference League, many fans could not attend the second leg of the Pyunik-Kalmar match at Abovyan Stadium. In addition, the management of our club had to make a decision to make the entrance to the Pyunik - Bodø/Glimt match free of charge for the fans and compensate the cost of already purchased tickets. The club took this step as a result of circumstances beyond our control which were artificial obstacles actually created in connection with the organization of sales at the ticket offices. That is why, for the sake of Armenian football fans, the club made an operational decision.

These facts have never been a secret and have been widely discussed among fans, but have yet again received an inadequate response from the FFA officials, as we opine. Unfortunately, this is not the only example of such steps by the FFA management in response to a number of evaluative judgments voiced by the club about their work, although the right to freedom of speech in our country has not been abolished in any way. Our critical position is aimed exclusively at the progress of national football. But instead of a constructive dialogue, we get such decisions from the management of the FFA, which from time to time cause damage not only to our club, but also to the image of Armenian football in the international arena.

The latest decision of the FFA management against Pyunik football club and our fans does not fit into any civilized norm of behavior. We demand the cancellation of this anti-football decision, which goes beyond the scope of sports ethics and which caused confusion not only in Armenia, but also beyond its borders. We call on the leadership of the FFA to focus on fulfilling their immediate duties, including organizing and holding a fair, impartial championship in Armenia.

We declare that we will protect our rights by all means not prohibited by law, both in Armenia and in all international courts with relevant jurisdiction.

We call on the public, media representatives and the authorities of the country to evaluate the actions of the FFA. Pyunik football club is not just 11 people and a coach on the pitch, but more than 1500 children, their parents, employees and the honor of our country, which we have been upholding for years.

Pyunik football club is a part of the history of Armenian football, the values of our distinguished football players, the heritage for our children and future generations. Irreparable damage is being done to all this.

We remain a team in the most difficult times and rely on all those who are not indifferent to the fate of Armenian football.

Best regards,
Pyunik FC

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