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On guard of the goal

We spent one of the training days together with the goalkeepers of Pyunik, and would like to show you how their daily life goes during the training camp. Starring — Stanislav Buchnev, Henry Avagyan, Sergey Mikaelyan and coach Stepan Demirchyan.

Choosing the right activity for the rest is no less important than the training process. Henri chose reading.  (By the way, you can find out what book our goalkeeper has)

Matches, books and video games are a special reality, with their own heroes and key events. The goalkeeper dives into each one.

 Henri is preparing for recovery. Massage for a professional athlete is not at all like relaxing spa treatments.

Stanislav Buchnev conducts the first workout of the day in the gym. Now the focus is on working out the muscles of the abs.


Mikaelyan doing an intensive warm-up. You need to warm up your muscles before jumping, running and falling.

On the field, the goalkeeper listens to his own instincts, in the gym – to his favorite music. Really interesting what's in the playlist.

Henri and Sergey walk shoulder to shoulder on to the training field. There are several hours of hard work ahead.

He's the only one for Henri right now. This ball, which will definitely not fly by.

Henri stopped another ball flying into the goal. Pause for a few seconds and go again.


Sergey's facial expressions – the eyes are not scared, and hands are doing! Everything is based on instincts. 

Fraction of a second takes to make a decision on the goal line: evaluate the trajectory, group up, put your foot out.

In the training process, time is clearly distributed. Goalkeeping coach Stepan Demirchyan will not lose a single second. 

Caught Henri for a photo. He doesn't mind.


Stretching relieves physical tension, and smiling relieves mental tension. The guys work and keep a positive atmosphere.


Rivalry and the brotherhood of goalkeepers are inseparable. These guys don't play on the field together, but they understand each other better than anyone else. At the end of the day we take a picture of our guards. 

 Thanks to our goalkeepers for the day we spent together. We took the final photo for today and thought about the position of the keeper on the field and his psychology is a kind of paradox. He is together with others, but always alone.

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