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An important victory in the Yerevan derby

 In the 26th day of the Fastex Armenian Premier League, Pyunik was received by the leading team of the league Urartu. The match took a rather tough turn at the very beginning, when after Alexander Milkovich’s hand on ball foul we got a penalty kick which was accurately scored by the home team player, Arman Ghazaryan. The Serbian defender corrected his mistake and scored against Arsen Beglaryan's goal post, and then as a result of Yusuf Otubanjo's performance, the Urartu player scored an own goal at the end of the first half. Our Bosnian forward Luka Juricic put an end to the match, scoring the Lions’ goal post after James Santos’s impressive assist.

After this match Pyunik has got 55 and continues placing 3rd and the difference in points with the leader has been reduced to 7.

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