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The winning series continue: Pyunik was stronger than Noah in an away match

In the 32nd day of the Fastex Armenian Premier League, Pyunik was received by Noah in the newly built stadium of Abovyan.

 Of our team, Jonel Désiré opened the score in the 22nd minute, and Edgar Malakyan doubled the advantage with a penalty kick at the end of the first half.

 In the second half, Goodnews Igbokwe, a footballer of the home team, reduced the score difference but about 10 minutes later Yusuf Otubanjo, the Nigerian striker of our team, scored the opponent's goal after an excellent combination attack.

 After this victory Pyunik continues placing 2nd. Our team currently has the same number of points with the front-runner Urartu, which hasn’t played the match of this round yet, while after Ararat-Armenia’s failure, going on the 3rd place, the difference in points is currently 7 but they also have played one match less.

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