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Pyunik teams win medals in the Simon Cup tournament

The teams representing the Pyunik Academy returned with silver and bronze medals from the Simon Cup tournament held at the Urartu sports base.

Pyunik 2009 celebrated three consecutive wins in Group A, getting ahead of Russian Ural, Academy and Urartu. Then, Sargis Nazaryan's team competed with Ural in the final, where our team lost in the penalty shootout 7:8 (1:1).

Sevak Aramyan's team was included in Subgroup B, where they lost 2:3 to Krasnodar in the first match, after which our boys celebrated two wins in a row over Ararat and Academy, reaching the semifinals.

In the decisive match, the Russian Spartak scored six unanswered goals to our team's goal, and Sevak Aramyan's team got satisfied with only bronze medals after defeating Urartu in the match for the third place.

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