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Pyunik Academy beats Mika with a big score

Pyunik Academy beat Mika 5:0 at home in the 17th day of the First League.

Our team got the status of winner already in the first half: Petros Alekyan scored a brace, Narek Baroyan added another goal. In the second half, our team continued creating dangerous moments, and in one of the episodes, Narek Baroyan took the ball from Mika goalkeeper Erik Lyansberg, attacking the unprotected goal. Vyacheslav Afyan put the end of the game seconds before the final whistle.

After this match, Davit Grigoryan's team celebrated its 6th victory in the championship, increasing the number of points to 18. This match was the last official match of 2023 for Pyunik Academy.

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