Artak Yedigaryan: I always wanted to come back to my native club

Artak Edigaryan has give the first interview after returning to Pyunik .

I’m very happy to return to my native club, I always wanted to come back to my native club but for some reasons I didn’t manage and now I’m very happy I’ve made it. I hope everything will be fine. Pyunik has always been a professional club. When I was there everything was very well and professional and now it’s even better and more developed.

I’m very glad Pyunik makes progress. I hope the team will play better and succeed. The team is very good and young. Though many footballers have left the club I think many new good footballers still will come and we will have a potential team which will struggle for a champion title. Surely we have good chances in the Europa League to reach the group stage. We had a good chance last year, I believe this year also it will be.

A footballer should do everything to be in good shape and make coaches invite him to a team.

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