Evolution of Pyunik jerseys: 1992-2019 (Photos)

Pyunik footballers entered the pitch in new jerseys in the match of the first qualifying round of the Europa League against Shkupi. From now on our team will wear Puma outfit.

On this occasion we present you the jerseys that FC Pyunik has worn during the 27 years of its existence.

After the collapse of the USSR newly-formed Homenetmen participated in the first Armenian Premier League of 1992 and won a champion title from the first season.

Initially, the team was wearing jerseys on which was written “OLIMP-99”.

Homenetmen in 1992


Player-coach of Homenetmen Khoren Hovhannisyan after match against Ararat (1-1) in 1992

During the championship Homenetmen also performed in orange jerseys on the left side of which was Homenetmen’s logo in contrast to the above mentioned.


Player-coach of Homenetmen Khoren Hovhannisyan before match against Shirak in 1992

During the next season of 1993 the team continued playing in other orange jerseys with the club’s name on.

Homenetmen during friendly games in Lebanon

During that period the team also had white jerseys for away matches.


In 1995 Homenetmen was renamed Pyunik. The club obtained a new logo as well as started playing in German Erima jerseys.


These Pyunik jerseys, different and original, that have remained in the memory of many middle-aged and older footballers gave a new “exoticism” to the Armenian Championship in mid 90’s.


Interestingly, one of the strongest teams of Lebanon, Nejmeh, also played in the same model of Erima jerseys in 1993-95.


Lebanese Nejmeh SC in 1995

Next year Pyunik began wearing yellow jerseys of the same brand and spent the 1996/97 season in them.


In these jerseys Pyunik made its debut in the Euro Cups in the matches against Finnish HJK.


In July of 1997 Pyunik also made its debut in the Champions League and in the matches of the first round against Hungarian MTK performed in new Erima jerseys which reminded more of the colors of the Jamaica team.



By the way, Pyunik played in these jerseys till its dissolution in1998 and 3 years later when the team was newly formed in several matches of the first rounds it was again wearing these same jerseys.

In 2001 after Pyunik’s revival the team had been playing the Armenian Championship in Italian Diadora jerseys for almost 2 years. 


In 2002 Pyunik played the matches against Tampere United and Dynamo Kyiv of the first two rounds of the Champions League in new Holani jerseys of Armenian production.

In the two legs against Tampere United Pyunik was wearing white jerseys...


... and in the matches against Dynamo Kyiv - dark blue jerseys.


Holani. 2003


In July, 2003 beginning from the match against Reykjavik of the first round of the Champions League Pyunik started wearing Puma jerseys.


Pyunik played the match of the Armenian Super Cup of July, 2005 in new Holani dark blue jerseys which were the replica of Puma blue jerseys.


From July, 2005 Pyunik performed in Danish Hummel jerseys.

By the way, Pyunik has performed in Hummel jerseys more than in others, for almost 9 years.


Hummel. 2006/08


Hummel. 2007/08


And on November 19, 2008 Pyunik entered the pitch in Hummel black jerseys in the “golden match” of the Armenian Premier League against Ararat.


In season 2009 Pyunik performed in new Hummel jerseys. Besides, there was a golden star over the logo on the left side of the new jersey which symbolized Pyunik’s more than 10 champion titles.


There was also the logo of the club’s sponsor, Armenian Development Bank, on Pyunik’s new jerseys of the next 2010 season.


Hummel. 2011/12


Hummel. 2012/13


In July 2013 the official website of Pyunik presented the jerseys of Hummel new collection which were designed for season 2013/14. They were the last jerseys of Danish brand in which Pyunik performed putting the end to Hummel’s era.


Next year Pyunik started wearing Nike sporting clothing.

It is noteworthy that the playing jerseys had Pyunik’s new logo on them which was presented a few days ago.


Nike. 2014/15


Nike. 2015/17

2015/16, 2016/172015/16, 2016/172015/16, 2016/172015/16, 2016/172015/16, 2016/172015/16, 2016/17

The logo of the club’s partner, Gold’s Gym, appeared on new Nike jerseys designed for the 2017/18 season.


Pyunik has been playing in Umbro blue and white jerseys since September of 2018.


And from March 2019, the final version of the new logo has appeared on jerseys.


From 2019/20 season Pyunik will play in Puma jerseys.


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