Pyunik gives Ararat 2008 champion cup replica (Video)

FC Pyunik owner Artur Soghomonyan at the meeting with FC Ararat owner Vardan Srmakesh and club president Hrach Kaprielian presented them with 2008 cup replica of the Armenian Premier League.

The Armenian Premier League caused an uproar in 2008.

Many think the controversial refereeing didn’t allow to determine the champion in accordance with the rules of fair play. 11 years later Pyunik football club owner Artur Soghomonyan wanted to somehow restore the justice with this symbolic gesture because Ararat no less than Pyunik deserved the champion title.

“I have long wanted to meet you and I’m glad we managed to meet in Yerevan. On behalf of FC Pyunik which now belongs to us and we want to start from a new page, I’d like to award you something. I’m glad you have come. We all remember 2008. I’m also a fan of Armenian football, particularly, Ararat’s big fan. We remember that, unfortunately, in 2008 the champion was determined not on the pitch but as a result of backstage intrigues.

The terrible refereeing in the final match impeded to reveal the true champion. On behalf of FC Pyunik we want to take a step because I think in 2008 both Pyunik and Ararat deserved to be the winner. They were very good and strong teams and, unfortunately, what happened impeded to determine the real winner. I think Ararat no less than Pyunik deserved to be the champion.

It’s clear now we cannot recover what happened but we want to take this step to show we are also supporters of fair play. I hope such things won’t happen in the future and Armenian football will really become a sporting event where all the issues will be solved on the pitch. I want to present you with this cup, the replica of the 2008 cup. We were able to find the creators of the cup. I’m giving it to you hoping that Ararat will prosper and we play will interesting matches together,” Mr. Soghomonyan noted.

“This is a justice gesture and justice must also rule in the championship. I’m very touched. This is the cup of justice.” FC Ararat owner Vardan Srmakesh noted.

“This gesture is very important for the Armenian nation, because the Armenian nation has always lived in justice.” FC Ararat president Hrach Kaprielian added.

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