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Official statement: opening of the Women's Academy

FC Pyunik starts recruiting girls for youth's teams, including in the branches of the Academy. From the age of twelve, the best players will be able to compete for a place in the club's main Academy in Yerevan where they will be provided with permanent residence.

Pyunik's goal is to educate and develop its own players and bring them to a professional level. That's why the decision to form a current women's team is a conscious step in the club's strategy.

CEO of FC Pyunik Kim Arakelyan:

“Our main task is to develop and prepare players for the future, for the national team of the country. We see no point in fighting for the championship now, until we have the necessary basis. It would be wiser to invest resources and grow a generation of football players. We plan to form up to ten women's teams at the Pyunik Academy".


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