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Yeghishe Melikyan: We are to blame ourselves for this defeat

Our team’s head coach Yeghishe Melikyan spoke about the defeat (0:1) caused  by Ararat.

"We are to blame ourselves for this defeat. We will analyze everything because we have important matches ahead, and I wouldn’t like to focus too much on this defeat.

Now I see some players with us, who got their heads in the clouds and even wouldn’t dream of being in Pyunik and now they play in our team. Don’t worry, we will correct our mistakes.

Starting tomorrow 2-3 will no longer work with me because they do not meet our requirements. We have raised the level of Pyunik and are already on a different path, and those players who don’t help us will not be paid anymore. We only pay those who bring benefits to our club.

Today we had eight forwards on the pitch, but I didn't see any of them being a threat for the rival's goal. It is a problem, the solution of which we must find together.

We have players whom if we didn't give a chance in today's match, then when would it be? Ararat was in a bad condition, they had problems, and those players who came to the pitch had to help our team to win. Today I understood that they are not capable of solving problems, so why do we count on them if they weren’t able to win today?

I wouldn't say that Ararat found a key for the win over us. It is our fault and we are the ones who created problems for ourselves. In the first half we conceded an absurd goal after a corner kick, and the opponent was able to act intelligently and competently in defense."

More details in the video.


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