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Artak Dashyan: This goal was one of the best in my career

Artak Dashyan, one of the heroes of the Pyunik-Kalmar match, spoke about his impressions, the goal he had scored and the weather conditions after the match.

 "We had many chances in the first half, we played very organized and could go to the break with an advantage. We continued the second half with the same attitude, used our moments and won.

Hovo intercepted the ball, and I got it. I looked at the goalkeeper and spotted that he was out of the goals. It was inconvenient to strike from the first touch, so I shot from the second and threw the ball over the keeper. And yes, this goal can be ranked among my best goals.

 Of course, it was difficult for both teams to play in such weather conditions, it’s hard to show your best, but we had a little advantage, because we are used to playing football in these conditions", Dashyan noted.

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