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Legendary coach Galina Bukharina joins the Pyunik Academy

We are happy to announce that before the start of the 2023/24 season Galina Bukharina, the honored coach of athletics of the Soviet Union and Russia, arrived in Armenia at the invitation of Pyunik President Artur Soghomonyan and joined our academy.

Her main task in our academy is to help create a program to teach children the correct running technique. The training is based on continuous physical development: balance, coordination and posture.

Galina Bukharina had the experience of working with representatives of national teams of different countries and leading them to many achievements: wins and records in the Olympic Games, world and European championships. As an athlete, she has repeatedly become the winner and medalist of international and USSR championships.

It is nothworthy that Bukharina also had Armenian students, who still hold the Armenian records in the 400m run and hurdles.

Galina Bukharina is a bronze medalist of the 1968 Olympic Games. She is the champion of the USSR in the 100m running and relay, as well as the four-time record holder of the country.

''My task at Pyunik is to teach the importance of running correctly, and to make sure that the children also enjoy the process. And the best way to teach is to show. You show, then you start following and making corrections during the training," said Bukharina in a conversation with us.

We welcome the Russian specialist to our academy. We will tell you in more detail about Bukharina's exceptional career full of trials and life.

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