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Pyunik Girls scores a win over Ararat-Armenia in the final

Pyunik Girls defeated Ararat-Armenia 2:1 at home in the 16th day of the women's Armenian Premier League.

Ani Ghukasyan from our team earned a penalty kick, which Armine Khachatryan accurately scored. In the second half, the guests equalized the score thanks to Elina Martirosyan's kick from the standard position. At the end, Ani Ghukasyan again entered the penalty area from the wing and forced the rival to play with her hand. Armine Khachatryan again approached the ball again and accurately scored another goal.

Armen Bareghamyan's team temporarily rose to first place with 25 points. Our girls played one match less than Lernayin Artsakh, going on the second place.

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