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Artak Dashyan: Many positive changes happened in my career after joining Pyunik

Before the start of the spring part of this season, we talked with Pyunik captain Artak Dashyan, who told about the training camp, the mood of the team, the great progress he made after joining our club and Yeghishe Melikyan, as well as shared with us the feelings he experienced after scoring a goal against the Turkiye national team.

Artak, before the restart of the season, Pyunik held a one-month training camp and played friendly matches. Please, tell how was the training camp?

The training camp went well; now I'm in good shape. Besides the trainings, we held friendly matches, which played a big role in terms of experimenting, helped to understand our strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Yes, we also had defeats, which are always unpleasant, but it didn’t affect the mood of the team, because these are just friendly games, which have another purpose.

Unlike the previous years, we will resume the spring part of the championship as the leader, does that give you and the team additional confidence?

It doesn't matter to us, because the team is close to the champion title and is going to enter the pitch with the intention to win every match. It doesn’t matter if we are placing first or second.

We will start with matches against Ararat-Armenia and Urartu.

Both teams consist of professional footballers and they, like us, are fighting for the championship, and, actually, we understand that there will be no easy games.

What lessons did the team learn from last season when we came second in the league?

It is not possible to spend a whole season without mistakes, shortcomings. Mistakes also happen during games, but it is important to always analyze, correct them, not look back and move forward; this season we did that.

Artak, after joining Pyunik you experienced the second youth in your career. What's your secret?

After joining Pyunik, many positive changes happened in my career. During the best two years of my career with Pyunik, I felt the trust of the club and head coach Yeghishe Melikyan, I returned to the national team. In my turn, I did my best to show myself and prove that they were not mistaken in my case. As for fitness, I’d like to say that only through proper and hard work you can reach your maximum.

I wonder what distinguishes Melikyan's work, which contributed to your growth, from other coaches’ work?

Melikyan differs from other coaches because he prepares the team against each rival in his own way, analyzes the rival without neglecting any detail. He is a very flexible coach tactically which also helps me achieve more results.

Yeghishe Melikyan is often asked a question during interviews; "Doesn't Dashyan get tired?", and we are curious about that question.

To be honest, I am curious about it, too (laughs).

The most exciting and memorable moment for all of us was your goal against Turkiye, how did you feel at that moment?

I experienced really indescribable feelings at that moment, but when the emotions cool down after the game, you realize who scored that goal and you feel a great sense of pride.

And in the end, any fan who has attended Pyunik games at least once will confirm that you are the favorite of children, young footballers. You inspire hundreds of alumni of our club with your game. Do you have any advice for them?

My advice is to set a clear goal in front of them, not to break down, not to be afraid of difficulties and to achieve what they dream of through hard work.

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