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Pyunik Academy: UEFA Youth League, 7 cups and international tournament

The 2023/24 season has come to an end in the youth championships of Armenia. The teams representing Pyunik achieved impressive results this season, winning 7 cups as well as qualifying for the preliminary round of the UEFA Youth League. It is noteworthy that this year our alumni also had the opportunity to prove themselves in Greece.

Our press service has decided to highlight glass the achievements of the Pyunik academy teams in domestic championships, as well as in international tournaments.

Pyunik 2007: Two cups

Levon Stepanyan's team impressed with its stability throughout the season.

Besides becoming the winner of the First League of the Armenian U18 Championship, with five more games to go, our team didn’t taste defeat. Thanks to this victory, Pyunik 2007 got the right to participate in the preliminary round of the UEFA Youth League.
Levon Stepanyan's team had no problems in the cup competition either, winning all games with big scores and bringing another prize, the Armenian Cup, to Pyunik,.

Ashot Grigoryan was the best scorer from Pyunik 2007 with 13 goals.

Pyunik 2008: Two Cups, Elite Neon Cup tournament, Athens

In spring, Pyunik 2008 traveled to Athens, the capital of Greece, where they participated in the Elite Neon Cup tournament. Our alumni played an impressive group stage, finishing it in the 2nd place, having equal points with a Georgian team from the Inter Academy, but falling behind by only two goals. In total, after 5 games, our team celebrated 3 wins, had one draw and one loss.

The last decisive game of the group stage with English Stockport County was especially tense and impressive, where our boys won 2:1.

After three winning games in Greece's Elite Neon Cup tournament, Pyunik 2008 played confidently in the domestic league as well. Roman Simonyan's team was declared early winner of the First League of the Armenian U17 Championship.

The cup competition was also impressive, when our guys returned home with a gold medal. Our team led the statistics: 13 goals scored and one goal missed in 4 games.

Artyom Aleksanyan from Pyunik 2008 was the best scorer in the championship with 12 goals.

Pyunik 2009: One cup

Aram Gyulbudaghyan's team fought hard in the championship this season.
In their last game, our boys narrowly beat their peers from Urartu and became the winners of the Armenian U16 Championship.

Our boys finished the championship with 39 points and a goal ratio of 40:12.

Pyunik 2011-1: Two cups

Hovhannes Barbaryan's team has been maintaining stability for the second season in a row.

Our alumni took the first place in the First League of the Armenian U14 championship and also won the Cup.

This season, the boys also competed with one-year older age groups, and in the final they won with a penalty shootout.

Pyunik 2011-2

After celebrating a brilliant victory with Araks Ararat 2011 in a home match, 1:1, Pyunik 2011-2, was named the winner of the Second League of the Armenian U13 championship.

In the play-off round of its age group, our team lost and failed to achieve a full victory. Our boys also reached the cup final, where they unfortunately lost again.

Simon Cup: Yerevan

The Simon Cup tournament dedicated to the memory of Simon Isarelyan was held at the Urartu Academy at the end of the spring, where the Pyunik 2010 and Pyunik 2009 teams from our academy took part.

Pyunik 2009 had 1 win and 4 draws after 5 games played in the group stage. Aram Gyulbudaghyan's team won the bronze medal.

The Pyunik 2010 team celebrated 3 victories after 5 games in the group stage and registered one draw and one defeat. Our alumni lost to their peers from Urartu in the final, becoming the runner-up of the tournament.

Remembering our achievements

It is important to note that the Pyunik teams have won the last 3 cup competitions in the U18 age group.
2023/24: Pyunik 2007
2022/23: Pyunik 2006
2021/22: Pyunik 2006

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