Stanislav Yefimov: I’m very happy I’ve made progress

Our team’s newcomer Stanislav Yefimov has given his first interview as a Pyunik footballer.

-What kind of emotions do you have after signing the contract?

-Only positive. I’m very happy I’ve made progress in my career. It’s pleasant when such a club led by a legendary coach has paid attention to me.

-Have you talked to the coach?

-Yes, we have already got acquainted and communicated. The fact that Aleksandr Tarkhanov trains Pyunik has had a great influence on my decision.

-And what about the new club and your future goals?

-Pyunik is a very serious club. Thanks to Pyunik many footballers have succeeded in their career. I hope next season we will win all the tournaments we will join and will qualify for the group stage of the Europa League.

-And have you decided which number you want to wear?

-I want to wear the shirt number 13.

-Will it help you to repeat your result of this year?

-I’ll work on it but the most important is the victory of the team. It makes fans happy. I hope next season Pyunik’s fans will have occasions only to rejoice.

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