Edgar Manucharyan: I made a decision at once

Pyunik’s newcomer Edgar Manucharyan has given his first interview after the return.

-Edgar, you have returned to your native club. Please, share your impressions.

-My impressions are very positive as it means much for me to return to Pyunik where I started my football career. I want to thank head coach Aleksandr Tarkhanov and Mr. Soghomonyan who trusted me, pinned their hopes on me and invited to Pyunik. It’s unusual for me to see Pyunik on the second place because Pyunik is the team that must always be a champion. We must do our best to bring Pyunik to the first position next season. The season will be a tough one but I’m sure we can become a champion.

-Please, tell more about the coach. You managed to work with him in “Ural”.

-I know Aleksandr Tarkhanov very well. I have played under his leadership and I know what he is able to give to the team. I made the decision to move to Pyunik at once. I’m sure I can give much to the team.

-Pyunik then and now. What differences do you see?

-Now there are more young footballers in Pyunik and the main stress is put on them. It was different then. There were many experienced footballers in the team  and playing and training with them I got more skillful. And now I can share my experience with youth.

-Have you decided what number to wear?

-I never pay attention to it. I will take the number I‘ll be offered.

-Please, share you best memories of Pyunik.

-I have only good memories. I remember my first match, first goal in the Premier League when I was only 15. I remember when I was named a top scorer, my matches in the Champions League. Without Pyunik I wouldn’t have played for so many years.

-How will you asses you physical condition?

-Recently, I’ve been in rather good shape both psychologically and physically. Now I am fit and sure I’ll perform in good physical condition in training camps and official matches.

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