Artak Oseyan’s first interview as a Pyunik’s head coach

Pyunik’s new head coach Artak Oseyan has given the first interview at his new post.

About his return to Pyunik

It has been three years since I was here. Of course, lots of things have changed in Pyunik but it remains the most titular club of Armenia with its history and traditions, that’s why it’s binding. I’m positively impressed. Taking into account the history and traditions of the club Pyunik cannot take some neutral position.  Naturally, we must do our best to achieve success.

Impressions of the team

To tell the truth, now the team doesn’t have a final look. There will be many changes, that’s why it’s not right to give any assessment now but, of course, we will try to create a new team with new ideas. We mustn’t look back but must move forward with a present, clear plan. That’s why at the moment we haven’t got a final team.

About coaching methodology 

Because coaching is a creative work you can’t be the same as a few years ago. Therefore, you need to work every day and engage in self-development every day. As the information field is open now the information must be properly perceived, analyzed and transmitted to footballers. Every day something changes in the methodology. In that regard I have no stereotypes. Surely, I’m open to accept that information but here is important how one perceives it, analyzes and transmits to the players.

1-0 or 4-3?

Of course, as a coach I’d prefer to win 1-0 than 4-3.

About the coaching staff

Frankly, I’m very happy to work with them because they are real professionals and they know the job they are responsible for. They work in different directions. For example, Chiro, our fitness coach, impressed me much with his professional approach. Vladimir Vardanyan and Karen Simonyan have work with me in the youth team and Banants and we understand each other perfectly. As for Erik Nazaryan, he is a coach of a new generation who has new ideas. He can bring many innovations to our team and I’m sure he will become a great coach in the future.

About the choice of the starting lineup

First of all, the starting lineup must be comprised of the players who can help the team the most depending of the day, rival and situation.

About the young players

I will not give names now but my impressions are controversial. There are players that have made positive impressions on me. As for the other players we haven’t made a final decision yet but we all know that Pyunik has always been a forge of Armenian football and we hope that his process will be continuous.

About the limit for legionaries

To be honest, I am in favor of certain limit but I think we must have a clear plan and not to make hasty decisions. There should be a clear roadmap so that every club knows what to expect this year, next year and so on. But, of course, I think there must be some limit because we all understand that it creates many problems for Armenian footballers and impedes their growth.


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