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Armen Bareghamyan: Our girls have shown their ability to fight till the end

Before the start of the spring part of this season, we talked with the head coach of the Pyunik Girls team, Armen Bareghamyan. The 25-year-old young specialist won the First League with the women's team last season and joined the battle of the strongest. At the moment, the Pyunik Girls team is the leader of the Premier League.

Our press service spoke with Armen Bareghamyan about the team's fitness, maintaining stability and other topics.

Mr. Bareghamyan, how prepared is the team, how would you assess the preparatory period?

The team is in optimal shape. In the friendly matches, the football players have shown that they are ready for the resumption of the championship, I asses the preparatory period as good.

Before the new season, the composition of the Pyunik Girls team changed by almost 90%, were there any obstacles related to playing?

In the beginning, we encountered many difficulties, both during games and during trainings. Over time, thanks to the efforts of the girls and the work of the coaching staff, we managed to fix the problem of cooperation.

How do you assess the work of the coaching staff?

Besides me, all members of the staff have an equal contribution to the victories. I did not make a mistake in the choice, and the assessment is naturally positive.

Mr. Bareghamyan, it is obvious that the atmosphere in the team is extremely good, are you doing special work in that direction?

Even if we were in the last place, the atmosphere in the dressing room would not change. Many of our girls were once teammates, and that, of course, also plays a role. I, for my part, try to make the environment more positive through regular gatherings and meetings with the players out of the pitch.

We have conceded only 3 goals in the league, the stability is also obvious.

The main factor of stability is that our defenders are extremely experienced. Thanks to coordinated football, we have conceded 3 goals in the league till the moment.

Our team has players from 13 years old to the twilight of their careers getting playing time, how do you manage to successfully integrate 3 different generations into one playing system?

Everything depends on the course of the game and its importance. There are games where you have to change places. In any case, that's my way of working, I give everyone playing time and I'm sure they will live up to our expectations.

The team did not hold an official match for a month during the fall part. How much do postponed games affect results?

Postponed games have an impact, it's not just about the results. it would be nice if the championship passed stably and we didn’t have a big difference between the rounds. However, I know that the reason is national teams, and many teams cannot hold their matches in a tight schedule, especially in the Premier League.

Ani Ghukasyan was seriously injured in the previous round, what about the injured players, are they ready to return to the lineup?

Two players from the main team were injured, but this year they all returned to the lineup, and we spent the preparatory period without problems. We are ready for the upcoming match.

What about the main rival, Lernayin Artsakh? It is an extremely interesting race for the champion title.

I am glad that there is a team with whom we are fighting for the championship equal to equal. This definitely helps keep the girls alert and gives them motivation because they know there is a rival right behind them.

We compete with 4 teams in the championship, is it easy or difficult to hold regular matches?

Of course, it's more complicated. We meet the same rivals 5 times and it becomes increasingly difficult to defeat them. Coaches analyze, close all weaknesses and it becomes more difficult to take them by surprise.

In modern football, midfielders sometimes score more goals than centre-forwards. It's the same with us.

We didn't have a clean number 9 in the autumn part, and it is logical that the goals were divided among the players of the remaining positions. For me, it was a problem that we will try to solve through additions. We will do our best to get players in that position this season.

Mary Esiful, what about our newcomer?

Mary has performed quite well in the Armenian championships, besides, she is experienced at the international level. So far, she lives up to our expectations in training and friendlies, time will show.

The Pyunik Girls team has had so much success, is there a philosophy that moves you forward?

During the championship, our girls showed their ability to fight till the end. Psychology of the winner. From not giving up and a deep desire to fight, we have created our philosophy, thanks to which we go to the champion title.

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