Arthur Soghomonyan on the ended season and future plans

FC Pyunik’s owner Arthur Soghomonyan told about the ended season and the future plans of the club.

This season was really full of events. At the beginning of the summer a new coaching staff let by Andrei Talalaev replenished our club. We managed to create an effective team in a short time  and to win the first two qualification rounds of the Europa League for the first time in the history of Armenia although our opponents were very strong. The successful performance at the European Championship inspired optimism, in addition, in September big changes took place in the Armenian football; the president of the Football Federation was replaced. Gyumri’s Shirak returned to the Armenian Championship. We had great expectations of the season. But, maybe, it was naïve to believe that changing only the leadership and leaving all the middle class we can achieve essential results. It’s evident that a long and hard work is needed to bring football in Armenia back on a highly professional level. Of course, there are some tangible changes in Armenian football and first of all in the development of mass football. We also try to take part in the development of regions, for example, we are planning to rebuild the stadium in Dilijan.

The formation of CSKA team will be a great support to the development of football in Armenia.

As far as I know new regulations of the Armenian Championship are being prepared and the federation staff is gradually renewing.

All this should give results but it’s obviously not enough to seriously change the situation in Armenian football today.

It’s necessary to invest a lot of money and make great efforts to raise football in Armenia to a professional level.